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Lex currently serves as a mentor with Classroom Champions, an organization that connects Olympians, Paralympians, hopefuls, college student athletes, and professional football players with students in underserved communities around the nation. Through recorded video lessons and live chats, Lex educates his students on an array of topics including goal setting, perseverance, teamwork, and healthy living. Through these critical lessons, students are establishing a foundation that supports a positive classroom culture, physical and mental growth, and personal and academic achievement. Lex’s involvement with Classroom Champions is helping students across the United States to reach their full potential and #DreamBig!

Lex with Classroom Champions teacher

Lex with Classsroom Champions Students Receiving Certificates


Lex is an ambassador for Aira, a company that is revolutionizing the everyday lifestyles of individuals who are blind or low vision. Advanced wearable technology with wireless access to a distributed network of trained human professionals unlocks the potential for Aira explorers to efficiently accomplish any task, big or small. Using either the Aira mobile app, or wearable technology (or both), with just one tap of a button or a voice command, we instantly connect our users with a trained professional agent who can offer immediate assistance with virtually any task anytime, anywhere. Check out this from Al Jazeera profiling Lex’s use of Aira.

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