Going for Gold in TOkyo

Opening Ceremonies for the 2021 Paralympic Games

August 24, 2021
30 days to go.
Summer Paralympics

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Soaring Toward Tokyo

As a totally blind long jumper for Team USA, Lex Gillette has achieved medal winning performances at every major international competition he has attended to date. His ultimate goal is to earn a fifth consecutive nomination to the Paralympic Games team, and make a successful landing in the gold medal position on the top of the podium at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Teaching People to See

Although doctors said he would be blind, Lex’s mom and a host of individuals invested in him the skills that would help him achieve success. When Lex is giving a motivational presentation on stage, his goal is to inspire audiences to realize a vision of who they can truly be, ultimately, teaching people to see.

Lex at the Clinton Foundation

A Mantra for Modern times

There is no need for sight when you have a vision. This mantra is central to Lex’s outlook on life. Sight did not determine his success, rather it was seeing a vision for the future and doing everything in his power to transform it into reality. Without a vision for the future, you cannot expect to turn your actions into real world successes. Look past your current reality and challenge yourself to see further than you ever thought possible.

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